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6 Common Boiler Issues to Fix During Home Upgrades


A boiler is a huge investment in your home. It will heat your home, ensuring hot water in your tub. A boiler will also enhance your comfort and raise the value of your property. However, it’s prone to malfunctions, and here are various signs to show that your boiler needs repairs. When undertaking a home improvement project, it’s wise to have a professional inspect your boiler and ensure it’s working optimally.

 Here are common boiler issues that may require repairs.

1. Low pressure

The boiler pressure should be set at 1.5 bar, and won’t function as required if it’s set too low.  You can always check the pressure gauge to determine your boiler pressure.

 However, low boiler pressure may result due to system leaks, a faulty seal, or other faulty components.

 Low pressure may also result from leaks, and you should inspect for any signs of boiler leaks. It’s an emergency and should be fixed by an Emergency Boiler Repair Expert immediately. Other issues requiring emergency repairs include; a broken thermostat, fan failure, and diverter valve failure.

2. Non heating boiler

Your boiler should heat water in the home, and this is beneficial in cold seasons. But, it may refuse to heat, and this can be attributed to faulty valves, airlocks, low pressure, broken thermostats, etc. You can fix this by adjusting the pressure gauge accordingly. If it’s not an issue with low pressure, a professional will help determine the issue and fix it.

3. Frozen condensate pipe

The boiler condensate pipe helps transport the condensate from the boiler to the outside drain. In cold seasons, it can freeze leading to blockage. This happens mainly in homes where the pipe is fitted externally or located in an unheated place like the garage.  Frozen condensate pipe can make the condensate to revert in your boiler, leading to a breakdown.

4. Radiator issues

You may experience cold patches, which result from an air buildup in the radiator.  Air buildup or sludge can lead to uneven heat distribution, which should be fixed. Cold patches in various parts of your boiler may mean various issues. You can try bleeding the radiator or have it examined by a professional.

5. Failing to respond to the thermostat

Does the block display time wrongly? Ensure that the boiler is adjusted to the current time. But, if it fail to respond to the thermostat, there may be issues with the controls, they may broken or old requiring replacement.

 There are a few fixes that you can do at home before calling for help. For instance, try placing the device closer to the boiler. If the issue persists, call for help.

6. Odd noises from your boiler

 You may notice a whistling noise from your boiler, and this is not normal. Although the device may make some noises while in operation, unusual gurgling sounds are a cause for concern. The noise may be due to air in the system, low water pressure, or a faulty pump.

In summary, there are various issues to show that your boiler is faulty. Although some things you can fix at home, DIY repairs can lead to further damage to the boiler. It is possible to have a technician examine the device and advise on how how to fix it.

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