Dining Chairs

A Guide to the Different Types of Dining Chairs You Can Choose From


Your selection of dining chairs affects the elegance and convenience of your dining area. In addition to providing ample seating, it contributes to the room’s cosiness.

Although they may appear light and uncomplicated, dining chairs come in various structures and designs. When furnishing a dining room, knowing what type of dining chairs to use is essential to create a harmonious and balanced space. For example, do you want your dining chairs to coordinate with the other furniture in the room? Do you desire an asymmetrical design?

This guide will help you identify various chair designs to make more informed style choices. To facilitate comprehension, we group the types into categories.

These dining chair designs reflect numerous historical periods. So let’s take a quick and brief look at traditional to contemporary Singapore dining chair designs.

Side Chair

A side chair is among the most common dining chairs in many households. It is distinguished by the absence of arms, allowing it to be readily tucked under the table. This means that more chairs can accommodate in a smaller space. In addition, side chairs range from traditional to modern designs, making them suitable for any interior design style.

Parson’s Chair

Parsons chairs, like side chairs, lack arms and can be placed under the dining table. The primary distinction is that Parsons chairs are upholstered. This chair’s clean lines and simple upholstery make it adaptable to numerous design themes.

Arm Chair

You predicted correctly: armchairs are distinguished by their arms. Even the upholstery of contemporary armchairs varies in design. Armchairs are exceptionally comfortable and fashionable. Their couch-like comfort makes contemporary armchairs frequently used as accent seating in living rooms. However, they are not limited to dining tables.

Ladder Back Chair

Ladder-back chairs are both plain and sophisticated. These chairs are typically constructed from wood and have multiple horizontal back panels that resemble a ladder. Consider ladder-back chairs if you want to add a rustic touch to your dining room.

Slat Back Chair

In contrast to the horizontal slats of a ladder-back chair, the vertical slats of a slat-back dining chair give the room an airy and relaxed appearance.

Cross Back Chair

Instead of a straight-lined back, cross-back dining chairs have an X-shaped design that makes them appear airy and light. This design makes them suitable for casual and contemporary dining environments. Additionally, they are ideal for pastoral and farmhouse sets. This diverse collection of dining chairs is available in a wide array of designs, materials, and hues.

Windsor Chair

Another relaxed masterpiece, the Windsor chair, resembles a slat-back chair with a semicircular appearance. This is ideal for rustic, old-fashioned, and homely spaces.

Wishbone Dining Chair

A wishbone dining chair’s bent backrest enhances its aesthetic allure and ergonomic functionality. Numerous householders favour this configuration to make a bold statement in their dining room design.

Wingback Chair

With their high-back wing design, dining chairs with wingbacks provide extended ergonomic support for the user. In addition, numerous upholstered wingback chairs serve as balance-creating focal points when placed on the headrest.

Slope Dining Chair

Simple and comfortable, slope-back dining chairs are suitable for contemporary dining settings. The majority of sloping dining chairs are upholstered with leather and synthetic leather.

Cantilever Chair

Looking for a distinctive design for a dining chair? In contrast to other chair styles that emphasise the design of the backrest, a cantilever chair emphasises the leg configuration, departing from the conventional four-legged structure to create a curved appearance.

Barrel Back Chair

Chairs with a barrel back feature bowl-shaped backrests that are typically upholstered.

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