How to Attain a Minimalist Interior Design in a Condo


Condominium living offers numerous advantages, such as convenience and safety. Despite this, designing your unit can be quite difficult due to the limited space available. However, it is simple to implement and integrates function and enjoyment, so the minimalist condo design has become increasingly popular among condo residents.

Minimalism creates a tranquil environment in the home and allows individuals to concentrate on what is essential. The design is achieved by utilising monochromatic hues and a natural accent. Typically, the furniture has a contemporary finish and combines natural materials such as wood. Incorporating multifunctional items can also achieve a simple and clear aesthetic in your interiors.

Here are some practical suggestions for achieving a minimalist interior design in a condo. If you intend to create minimalist interiors, consider the following advice.

Use neutral colours.

Avoid vibrant hues and choose neutral tones to make a space appear larger.

Your unit’s colour scheme plays a significant function in achieving a tranquil atmosphere. Monochromatic colours such as cool/warm grey or beige tones may be used. Wood accents in the closet, flooring, or window ledge pair well with these tones.

Choose diminutive, multifunctional furniture.

To make your condo appear larger, use only compact furnishings. For example, it would be optimal to acquire a settee with a square and low back as opposed to one with a thick and padded back. Also, choose a glass-topped dining table and dining chairs with low backs and slender legs for the dining area to create the illusion of a larger space.

Choose side tables that are insufficient for the bedroom so that you still have space to move around. Multipurpose furniture is ideal for minimalist interiors because it saves space and prevents the purchase of multiple components. Examples include:

  • A bed or divan with storage underneath.
  • A coffee table with storage.
  • An expandable table.

Install floating cabinets and shelves.

Utilising suspended bookcases and cabinets is a space-saving way to organise your belongings. When arranging decorations on these racks, you should always use odd numbers. Additionally, layering decors helps create depth and harmony in your home accessories.

Utilise large pendant lighting.

A minimalist interior’s calming ambience is enhanced by adequate illumination. Wide pendant light fixtures with long horizontal limbs can be used to produce ambience lighting. This enables the light to illuminate the entire room, not just one area. You can also illuminate a section of your unit with track lighting. Additionally, table or floor lanterns enhance the calming atmosphere.

Use mirrors to create depth.

Utilising mirrors to add depth to a compact space is a common workaround. Mirrors contribute to the optical illusion of a larger space. Choose a round mirror for a more modern appearance.

Bring in plants.

Plants not only add colour and vibrancy to your home, but they also help purify the air. Succulents, serpent plants, and monstera are among the many indoor plants suitable for a minimalist residence.

Less is more

To accomplish minimalism, it is essential to maintain a clutter-free residence. So, before designing your condo, why not organise your belongings and get rid of items you no longer need? Not only will it make your space more organised, but it will also allow you to keep only the essentials.