A plumber in Ixelles at your service


Vanden kerckhove is a company specializing in the plumbing sector. We intervene throughout the capital on your bathroom or your kitchen, but also on your sewers and your pipes. With us, you benefit from the services of a professional plumber for all of your equipment. Also contact us for a repair in Ixelles to benefit from an efficient service as soon as possible .

Rapid interventions in Ixelles

Is your bathroom sink leaking? Are your toilets clogged? Is the water flow at your taps not as strong as before? All kinds of work are taken care of by our team of qualified plumbers. Equipped with professional tools, they solve your plumbing problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our company is at your disposal for any intervention of plumbers in Ixelles and the surrounding area. You will benefit from a variety of specialized services.

Call us as soon as possible in the event of a breakdown in Ixelles to obtain a team of qualified plumbers for the repair of your installations. A water leak or a drainage problem requires the intervention of a professional as soon as possible. Our experts repair your equipment with quality equipment in Ixelles and ensure the efficient use of your pipes, toilets, taps, showers, etc. Contact our plumbers for the replacement of your appliances showing signs of wear, but also for their recurring complete maintenance. Quick and free quote.

plumber intervention on sink

Take advantage of a full range of quality services

Emergency repairs and renovation sites in Ixelles are all services for which we offer the skills of our specialized plumbers. Vandenkerckhove’s experts have mastered professional know-how and are continuously trained in new working methods in the field. Each of their services is carried out according to the rules of the art and with professional equipment. Whether you need sewer unblocking , sanitary maintenance or the laying of new pipes, we are at your disposal throughout the municipality of Ixelles.

Experienced, our specialists are active in a wide area of ​​intervention. From north to south of Brussels , you can contact us for comprehensive services throughout your health network. Our plumbers and heating engineers have various skills to best meet all your needs. Active in Brussels, our teams travel to the various municipalities for repairs , troubleshooting or renovations according to the rules of the art. Here are the different services you can enjoy in Ixelles by calling on our company:

The installation of toilets, bathtubs, sinks , showers, double basins, etc.

Connecting the pipes of your dishwashers and washing machines

Descaling and maintenance of all your equipment

Unclogging and repairing your sanitary appliances

Installation and repair of your heating systems , radiators, water heaters, etc.

Plumbing maintenance in Ixelles

The interventions of a plumber are not limited to unclogging your various sinks and toilets . These professionals take care of all kinds of work to offer you pleasant living comfort in your water features. Our services in Ixelles thus include the repair of defective devices or pipes, but not only. To ensure the continuous supply of water to your bathroom and kitchen, we provide you with plumbers in Ixelles capable of maintaining your installations.. Avoid many inconveniences such as leaks or flushing problems by regularly checking your taps and pipes. Also entrust us with the maintenance of your water heater to guarantee efficient production of domestic hot water.

The plumbers of our team carefully carry out all your plumbing maintenance to guarantee the operation of your equipment. For your taps, your hot water tank, your bathtub, etc. we do everything we can to ensure their condition in Ixelles. Our interventions are thus carried out with precision and in a manner adapted to your installations. Tell us about your needs and entrust us with the recurring control of your devices to avoid unpleasant surprises. Our specialists intervene in Ixelles to maintain your sanitary facilities and your pipes in your apartment, your house, your business, your office or your business premises.

Repairs handled by an experienced plumber

Have you been surprised by a puddle in your bathroom? Under your kitchen sink, did you find your things wet because of a leak? If so, your first instinct should be to shut off the water supply. Then contact us to bring a plumber to Ixelles quickly to your home. This experienced professional is able to react to all kinds of breakdowns and to put in place the various solutions necessary for an emergency repair carried out efficiently.

Thanks to the experience of a professional plumber, the origin of the leak or blockage will be quickly determined and you will be able to return to normal use of your plumbing as quickly as possible. Our field agents can come to your home at any time, even on holidays and weekends. Call on us to obtain the services of a plumber in Ixelles to locate invisible leaks , troubleshoot a gas or water leak, a toilet leak, take care of the descaling of your pipes and the installation of your new bathroom etc.

Take charge of sanitary works in Ixelles

In the bathrooms, sinks, showers, bathtubs and toilets can be damaged. To find pleasant living areas, you can entrust the plumbing work to our plumbers in the Brussels region. We send you a team of professionals able to renovate your equipment so that it is more modern and more suitable for your daily use. You will also get lots of advice from specialist plumbers to choose the best installations.

In your kitchen , we can also replace your sinks and place new sanitary pipes. In addition to the neat plumbing installation, our teams in Ixelles take care of the various connections to ensure their tightness and solidity. Our plumbers realize your water features according to your tastes and your budget and also pay attention to the use you make of them. Each space is designed to make your daily life easier and to adapt it to a person with reduced mobility, for example.

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