The different types of shutters


The swing shutter, also called “French shutter”, is one of the most purchased shutters.  In addition to its unparalleled aesthetics, it guarantees the longevity and safety of your windows.

The shutter in all its forms

The swing shutter is made up of panels that fold down on the exterior walls of the dwelling. It can be manufactured either in louvre (louvered shutter), or in solid shutters, or even associate these two types of models.

Solid and louvered shutters

Often chosen for its aesthetics, the hinged shutter is very easy to use, and can be easily replaced and personalized. There are many variations: wood, PVC, aluminum or composite material.

Also note that the different models of shutters can be marketed in manual or motorized versions for increased comfort of use.

Full swing shutter

Compared to the louvered shutter, the solid shutter has better security since the slats are fixed to each other. Difficult to hook, the security of the solid shutter can be further enhanced by dedicated security accessories. In terms of insulation, the solid casement shutter is obviously more effective than the louvered casement shutter since it covers the entire window.

The choices of finishes available with these shutters are part of three main families:

Hinge against hinge: this is a solid shutter whose security is reinforced by two iron bars at each outer end

Wooden shutter

Bars: this system, similar to that of the hinge, is composed of a bar sealed inside the shutter, made of a material identical to the latter

Aluminum shutter

Scarves: the scarves, made up of the “Z” typical of swing shutters, also make it possible to reinforce the entire shutter

Louvered shutter

The louvered shutter is made of thin spaced slats providing an elegant look to the installation. It has the advantage of circulating air and light. Also called “jealousy”, it is very popular in sunny regions where you want to protect yourself from the heat while retaining a little light. One of the advantages of the louvered shutter is the possibility of choosing the level of illumination of your room by selecting the positions of the blades of the louvers.

In terms of security, it is possible to reinforce your shutter with shutters with additional closing bars. Finally, the insulation is obviously less efficient with this type of shutter since the cold enters through the openings of the slats to cool the glass.

Good to know

Both solid shutters and louvered shutters require regular maintenance, especially if they are made of wood or are exposed to a lot of sunlight.

Many other shutters exist on the market: folding, rolling, sliding shutter. Do not hesitate to inquire before making your choice!

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