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AC Chemical Wash: What You Need to Know Before Getting One


How often should air conditioners be chemically cleaned? Air conditioning units exposed to insufficient humidity will eventually fail due to dehydration. However, due to the high cost of electricity, using a dehumidifier daily may not be an option for some.

Let’s examine what it is and the advantages and disadvantages of an aircon chemical wash.  Keep reading!

What is an Air Conditioning Chemical Wash?

Chemical washing is a method for cleansing an air conditioner. The inside of the air conditioning system is scrubbed clear with a chemical solution that evaporates without leaving any residue behind.

After completing this procedure, the AC will be sanitised and cleansed while retaining its original efficacy. This aids in removing any buildup that could lead to decreased efficacy or disagreeable odours and preventing mould growth in air conditioning, which could pose health risks.

Advantages of Aircon Chemical Wash

1. Eliminates offensive odours from your aircon.

There is minimal delay, as the procedure takes approximately one hour to complete. In addition, some air conditioning cleaning services offer same-day turnaround. This convenience is ideal for those constantly occupied and cannot afford to be without air conditioning for an extended period.

2. Protects against mould growth.

Utilising compounds that are lethal to microorganisms, this cleansing method can eliminate various bacteria and fungi. If you observe an increase in the frequency you must clean your air conditioner, this is most likely due to mould buildup – particularly after renovations.

Some individuals prefer not to sanitise their air conditioning at all out of concern for the potentially hazardous vapours that mould can emit. This chemical cleanser can eliminate mould growth without emitting hazardous emissions.

3. Eliminates the possibility of temperature fluctuations.

The use of high-pressure water particles prevents the formation of frost, which is detrimental to the condenser coil of your air conditioner. In addition, this chemical cleansing process prevents temperature fluctuations in your air conditioner’s condenser, thereby extending its lifespan.

4. Boosts the efficacy of your air conditioner.

Any chemical or grime present in your air conditioning system can reduce its efficacy because it impedes airflow and clogs the system’s filters.

Regular chemical cleaning prevents this from occurring and keeps your air conditioner operating as it should. This means that you will get a cooler room quicker and maintain optimal temperature for longer, which could reduce your electricity costs.

Disadvantages of Aircon Chemical Wash

1. Expensive for frequent use.

The expense of this chemical cleansing method heavily depends on the frequency of use. The greater the frequency of chemical treatments, the greater the cost. If you can avoid it, some experts recommend using a chemical cleansing process once every two years.

2. Can be time-consuming if you have multiple air conditioning units.

Even though most companies offering this service provide same-day turnaround, you should still ensure sufficient time without air conditioning before selecting this option. Numerous residential units and air conditioning units for larger offices and structures may require more than a day to install.

3. Only provides temporary odour relief.

Even though this chemical process destroys bacteria and fungi and removes other hazardous elements from your air conditioner, the odours will only return if your AC unit is exposed to additional fungi or bacteria.

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