How to choose the right company or cleaning company?


Whether for a one-off or regular intervention, the choice of the cleaning company for your offices is crucial.

The quality of the services, the techniques, the equipment used or the proximity of the cleaning company are important to benefit from the best value for money. But how to make the right choice among the many cleaning companies that exist?

Are you looking for an office cleaning company in Paris ? Discover our tips for finding the ideal professional cleaning agency for you.

The quality of the services provided by the office cleaning company

The services offered and especially their quality can change from one office cleaning company to another. Instead of rushing to sign a contract with a particular company, you should take the time to learn about their services .

You can do a little tour on the internet, looking for opinions from other business leaders. However, you should keep in mind that some forum reviews are unreliable. Moreover, some recent structures that are not yet very visible on the net offer top-of-the-range services at the best price. You therefore risk missing out on an interesting offer.

So asking the cleaning company for their percentage of satisfied customers is much safer. A high satisfaction rate guarantees you top-of-the-range services, meeting the needs and requirements of companies. At NEOSIT, we identify internally 98% of satisfied customers to date . To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, our team of professionals strives to offer quality services. With NEOSIT, your office cleaning company in Paris , the speed of execution, the quality of the work and the reliability of the staff are at the rendezvous.

Techniques, equipment and human resources deployed

These points are essential in choosing an office cleaning company in the tertiary sector. How many people will the company mobilize to clean your offices? What materials and techniques will be used? Does the team favor ecological products? The answers to all these questions will help you to see the seriousness and the values ​​of the company as well as the effectiveness of its intervention. The use of ecological products is an essential point if your company itself is committed.

At NEOSIT, our office cleaning team in Paris is formed only by experienced, dedicated workers recognized for their competence . We only use innovative and efficient means, equipment and cleaning methods, adapted to your needs. In addition, our cleaning company is a member of the federation of cleaning companies, which testifies to our seriousness, so do not hesitate to ask for your quote now .

Choose a cleaning company you trust

Whether for a regular or one-off intervention in the capital, you must choose an office cleaning company in Paris that you trust. Indeed, the cleaning team will have to enter your premises, most of the time when they are empty. She must also use your keys and maintain everything on your business premises.

You must perceive from the first contact whether an office cleaning company is reliable. You can also see this by taking a quick tour of the company’s website. High -performance material resources , a team of qualified professionals and the values ​​that are dear to the cleaning company (use of ecological products, promotion of the premises with French suppliers, etc.) are precious clues that will allow you to detect whether it is worthy of confidence.

Value for money

Of course, the price is also to be taken into account when choosing your office cleaning company. Even if the temptation to always favor the cheapest offer is great, the price should not be the determining criterion when making your choice.

You must therefore take into account the quality of the services and the know-how of the company to estimate its quality/price ratio.

In addition, you must choose a company that offers a non-binding contract and services that can be adapted to your needs as you go.

At NEOSIT, we offer a contract with or without commitment. In addition, we make sure to offer high quality services while allowing our customers to save up to -20% on the usual cost of cleaning professional premises.

The geographical location of the office cleaning company

The proximity of the cleaning company is also an essential point. Indeed, if your company is located in Paris, choose a company operating in Paris to avoid having to pay significant travel costs.

NEOSIT, your office cleaning agency in Paris, operates throughout the city and its surroundings. If your business premises are located in the capital, calling on our team will allow you to save money without skimping on the quality of the cleaning service.

The services offered by the office cleaning company

You should also pay attention to the type of services offered by the office cleaning company. The products and equipment used as well as the size of the team must correspond to your needs, in particular according to the size of your professional premises. In this way, you will ensure the quality of the services and the service provider will not risk overvaluing the cleaning work.

By choosing an office cleaning company in Paris like NEOSIT, the work will be carried out by a dedicated team with equipment adapted to the size of your company, your sector of activity and the tasks to be carried out.

Our company relies on transparency, availability and listening to our customers’ needs to ensure their satisfaction. So, ask for your quote from our team! You will be able to make the comparison to choose your office cleaning company with confidence.

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