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How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Pantry


Finding pests in your kitchen, especially around the food items and ingredients, can be one of the worst feelings ever. You spend your hard-earned money on groceries to make food for your family, only to have pests contaminate them. Some common pantry pests include ants, cockroaches, flies, fleas, beetles, mice, rats, moths, etc. 

While some of them are more annoying rather than harmful, your pantry should only house your food and not these insects and rodents. You may need some time to get everything cleaned and organized, but it will be rewarding. Having a space that pests do not want to enter into is worth it. Reach out to a specialist in Pest Control in Mascoutah for immediate assistance.

Ways to keep pests out of your pantry

Removing pests from your pantry can be challenging. However, it is not impossible. You can follow the methods mentioned below.

1. Throw out old stuff. 

When organizing your pantry, start by taking everything out. You may have bought some snacks long ago and forgot about them. Some of them may have gone bad or expired. Take out everything and check the expiry date on the packet. Keep the good items and throw the old stuff away. You will find that you have more space in your pantry than you thought.

2. Keep food in sealed containers. 

Try to keep food in its original packaging for as long as you can. This prevents the smell of the food from attracting pests in the kitchen. If you do open the packaging, make sure to store the food in an airtight and sealed container. Pests won’t be able to get to your food and contaminate it if the bottle or bowl is sealed.

3. Check your food for breaches. 

Sometimes, food packaging is also damaged before you bring it back home. The next time you go grocery shopping, check the packaging properly to avoid any leaks and spills. This will save you another shopping trip to return or exchange the item. If the bag or bottle has a defect, report it to an employee or put it back on the counter.

4. Rotate foods. 

Rotating foods is a good practice to finish old stuff before you eat the new things you bought at the store. It may be tempting to want to try the newer items, but not finishing the older ones can lead to waste. This way, your food won’t expire, and you won’t feel guilty about not eating perfectly good food. Rotating foods also keeps your pantry tidy.

5. Clean up spills and crumbs right away. 

Do not wait for someone else to clean up after you. Clean up counters and floors right away. Dirt and unhygienic conditions invite more pests. If you find infested items, throw them immediately. It is recommended to clean your pantry every three to six months to avoid infestation.

6. Try cinnamon. 

Sprinkling cinnamon will keep various pests, such as ants, at bay. You can put cinnamons on the entry points of your pantry or patches where you feel pests might enter. 

Even if the above tips do not help, make sure to contact a pest control professional and seek help from them. 

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