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Silent Invaders —5 Signs You Have a Pest Problem


Living in peace with nature is great, but when nature decides to move into your house unannounced and undesired, it is time to act. Pests, ranging from the smallest ants to the most voracious termites, may cause havoc on your home and peace of mind. But how can you tell when those odd creepy crawlies have progressed from houseguests to unpleasant invaders? An agency for Pest Control in Plano can help you with that. Here are five indicators that it is time to call in the pest professionals:

Droppings and debris

Unmistakable evidence of unwanted residents, like droppings and residue, is a definite symptom of an infestation. Rodents produce black pellets, cockroaches create brown stains, and insects such as ants and termites can leave sawdust or wood shavings. These unwanted deposits not only degrade the appearance of your property but also pose health dangers.

Gnaw marks and scratches

Do you hear chewing and clawing in the middle of the night? These are neither ghosts nor restless spirits but rather the labor of hungry vermin. Gnaw marks on wood, furniture, or even wiring may suggest mice or termites, but scratches on surfaces such as doors or cupboards might be the work of curious (and dangerous) insects.

Unpleasant odors

A bad, unexplainable odor spreading across your home might indicate a concealed infestation. Dead mice, decomposing insects, and even animal urine may emit a terrible odor that cannot be ignored. If you detect unusual odors, particularly in enclosed locations such as attics or crawlspaces, it is time for a complete check.

Strange noises

Bumping, rustling, or skittering sounds from the walls or ceiling do not indicate a haunted house. These noises are frequently created by bugs darting around, creating nests, or simply going about their business. While certain pests, such as crickets, may be relatively innocuous, others, such as termites, can quietly do structural damage to your property.

Property damage

The most evident symptom of a bug infestation is often the damage they leave behind. Pest infestations can cause chewed wiring, gnawed furniture, damaged insulation, and structural deterioration. If you see unexpected damage to your property, do not wait until it becomes a serious problem.

Additional signs to pay attention to. 

While these methods mentioned above are prominent and enough to raise an alarm that you have a pest problem, here are some additional signs to pay attention to:

  • Finding tracks outdoors and your carpets.
  • Finding scratches in ceilings and doors.
  • Rub or grease marks all over the house.
  • Footprints of pests.
  • Visible pests around the house.
  • Finding insect eggs.

Know when to call a pest control service. 

Remember that early detection is critical when it comes to pest control. The longer you wait, the worse the damage and the more difficult (and expensive) it will be to get rid of the infestation. If you notice any of these five indicators, do not hesitate to call a professional pest control company. They have the knowledge and resources to safely and effectively remove unwelcome guests from your house, restoring peace and harmony to your living area.

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