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When Is The Perfect Time of Year To Spray For Mosquitoes?


We have a lot of rain, humid conditions, and a long, warm season. The number of local mosquito populations ranges from area to area and even from one neighborhood to another. The main causes of higher-than-average mosquito populations are low branches, thick grasses, shrubs, and stationary or slowly moving water. Female mosquitoes keep their eggs in the calmest water body, and they do not decide! Mosquitoes with small bodies of water find shelter in your yard due to a blockage of airflow caused by thick foliage and tall grasses. Once you decide to spray for mosquitoes in your home, contact Pointe Pest Control

Which Time of Year Should You Spray For Mosquitoes?

For mosquito eggs to hatch, the temperature simply has to reach 50°F. It doesn’t matter where you live; a few warm spring days near this temperature will bring you the first sightings of mosquitoes.

It is always better to prevent an issue than to solve one when it arises. Since they cannot survive long, the best protection against mosquitoes on your property is to reduce the number of locations they can nest. As the days grow longer and the rainy season starts, water will gather on your property in the most unlikely places. Make sure you have a mosquito prevention plan ready to go into action as soon as the first 50°F day arrives.

To reduce the level of standing water and stop mosquitoes from growing near your residence, take the following steps: 

  • While walking around your yard, spot the areas where water is stagnant. This may include places on your lawn, deck, or patio that collect water, plant dishes, bird baths or feeders, trash cans, and empty pots. 
  • Clear out standing water from every area and improve drainage to organize the area for future water gathering.
  • Clean any standing water, leaves, and debris from gutters.
  • Change the water in your pet’s dishes daily.
  • Maintain the hygiene and chlorination of your hot tub and swimming pool areas. 
  • Fill up all low-lying areas in your yard that hold onto standing water.
  • Any hollow trees or stumps near your property must be eliminated or filled in. 
  • Utilize mosquito dunks that are safe for animals in ponds, bird baths, and other locations where water cannot be emptied. 
  • Adjust the sprinkler setting to water your yard effectively. Apart from being wasteful of our natural resources, overwatering may also draw mosquitoes.  
  • Make sure to cover any rain barrels with a tight screening, which can stop mosquitoes from going inside.
  • If you keep any pet bowls outside, keep them clean by cleaning them out at least once a week.

In general, the mosquito season is severe and extensive. If you plan to be outside for any amount of time, you must have your property inspected and protected. The mosquito control methods used by the pest control services are not dangerous and will not harm your garden or pets. The most effective way to repel mosquitoes for the entire season is to treat them regularly.

Make sure you speak to a pest control service!

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